Who Is Jennie Garth's Husband? All About Dave Abrams (2024)

Jennie Garth and her husband, Dave Abrams, have learned a lot about each other throughout their marriage.

After the Beverly Hills, 90210 star met Abrams on a blind double date in late 2014, they had instant chemistry and were engaged about three months later. Shortly after exchanging vows in front of family and friends on July 11, 2015, the actors began imagining their futures together.

"We kind of look at each other and think, ‘What do we want to do? We get to do whatever we want to do. Let’s create something good,’ ” she told PEOPLE.

Apart from creating new memories together, Garth and Abrams have also overcome difficult moments during their nearly decade-long marriage.

A few years into their union, the couple went through a separation period, which ultimately strengthened their bond. In addition to learning more about themselves as individuals, they realized that they wanted to put in the work to "continuously" improve their connection.

Today, the actress looks to her spouse as a source of happiness. "Dave keeps me young and fun," she told PEOPLE in 2019. "He makes me laugh. And that is the most important thing!"

So who is Jennie Garth’s husband? Here’s everything to know about Dave Abrams and his relationship with the Melrose Place alum.

They met on a blind double date in 2014

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Garth and Abrams were introduced on a blind double date in early December 2014, set up by one of the actress' friends.

In a May 2024 episode of her podcast, I Choose Me with Jennie Garth, the What I Like About You alum revealed that she didn't want to meet anyone new but had spent time working on herself and felt "confident." So when her friend suggested the idea, Garth took it as a chance to "practice dating."

“Things just lined up and I was like, ‘I don’t need it, I don’t want it,’ and there it came,” Garth told PEOPLE.

After finding out her date's name, she googled Abrams and stumbled across a profile of a Chippendale dancer. However, by the time she arrived at the restaurant, she knew her research hadn't been on the right track. Meanwhile, Abrams didn't think he had a shot but went anyway.

As Garth and Abrams explained, they didn't speak much during the double date and connected further when they went to a local café afterward. "You started to make me laugh, almost instantly," she recalled. "I was like, 'Hey, he's not just a pretty face. He's actually funny and fun to hang out with. I liked this guy.' "

Abrams added, "I thought you were fun and beautiful and refreshing. And to the point. Not a lot of b------."

By the end of their first date, Garth and Abrams shared a kiss, and within hours, they began planning their next get-together.

He met Garth's kids early on

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Several weeks after crossing paths, Garth gave Abrams a glimpse of her life as a mom to her daughters Luca, Lola and Fiona, whom she shares with ex-husband Peter Facinelli.

"We fast-tracked,”Garth told PEOPLE in 2015. “It was a big decision on my part, but I said I really like this guy and he really likes me and if we think we have a future together, I need to introduce him to my life as soon as possible. I threw him in 100 percent.”

Still, Abrams was on board because they were on the same page. “I’m sure people are like, ‘You guys are insane,’ but when it hits you like that, you know,” he added.

Jennie Garth’s 3 Kids: All About Luca, Lola and Fiona

A few months after they wed, Garth shared that there was "a lot of adjusting," but it was going "incredibly well."

Fast forward, in May 2024, Abrams revealed on his wife's podcast that it felt like he went at "warp speed" when he became a stepdad and his wife tried to support him.

"There was a lot of learning and growing on both our parts, but mostly [Adams'] part," she said.

They married in 2015

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Garth and Abrams got engaged in early 2015, their reps confirmed to PEOPLE exclusively. A source also revealed that the surprise was in the works for a while.

“Dave had been working on this for months and really wanted to plan something special for her around her birthday and make it perfect,” a source told PEOPLE about him popping the question a few days before on March 30.

Less than four months later, Garth and Abrams married on July 11, 2015, at the actress' ranch in Los Olivos, Calif. The couple were surrounded by about 120 guests when they exchanged handwritten vows and had their first dance.

“She was drop-dead gorgeous,” Abrams told PEOPLE after seeing Garth walk down the aisle. “When I saw Jennie in her dress, nothing else mattered. I just lost it.”

They love Mexican food

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While their marriage was a union of the two, their rehearsal dinner also showcased how similar their tastebuds are.

The day before Garth and Abrams wed, they hosted the special occasion with a menu featuring Mexican dishes, a favorite of both. Guests could make their own tacos or enjoy chips and salsa, among other entrees.

“We wanted a rehearsal dinner that was super fun and colorful,” she told PEOPLE. “And our favorite is Mexican food ... so FIESTA!”

He and Garth grew closer after a year of personal lessons

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Throughout Garth and Abrams' nearly decade-long marriage, the actors have navigated different chapters of their lives — even when it meant they needed to be apart for a little bit.

Two years after tying the knot, the couple separated for 10 months after Abrams filed for divorce in April 2018 and listed their date of separation as Aug. 29, 2017, according to court documents obtained by The Blast. He later dismissed his petition for divorce in February 2019, the outlet reported.

At the time, Garth's rep told PEOPLE, “They have been working hard on their relationship, and they’re in a really good place now. They’re very happy.”

A few months later, the 90210 star reflected on her marriage and shared that they "had individual things" to figure out that were affected by their "rushed" timeline. Still, Garth explained that temporarily separating benefited them in the end.

"We both had separate learning to do, and then coming back and sharing that growth was kind of the fiber that connected us back together like, 'I see you differently now,' " she told PEOPLE in August 2019.

He enjoys playing golf and watching football

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One of the vows Garth made to Abrams on their wedding day was to "watch the Golf Channel 24/7,” and she's kept it. In addition to indulging her husband in his love of the sport, she's also joined him on the course, as seen on Instagram.

When the pair isn't putting, they both have fun cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles. Whether Garth and Abrams are at home watching an intense game or wearing matching gear at a local restaurant, the actors are all in for their favorite NFL team.

Garth loves celebrating Abrams

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Garth doesn't miss a chance to express her admiration for Abrams, especially when reflecting on their relationship and what they've overcome together.

In honor of their eighth wedding anniversary in 2023, the Mystery Girls star shared a heartfelt message alongside pictures from their special day on Instagram.

"I thank the stars above for our marriage," she wrote. "I love the way it has changed us both into more patient, loving and understanding humans, not just with each other but with everyone around us. You make me a better person."

Apart from celebrating Abrams as a husband, Garth has also toasted him for acting as another father figure to her daughters.

"You stand behind me so I can stand behind them 💕," she captioned snaps of the family together. "My girls couldn’t be luckier than to have you as a Step Dad. Thank you for choosing this life with us 💚."

Who Is Jennie Garth's Husband? All About Dave Abrams (2024)
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