13 Of Jennifer Lopez's Most Early 2000s Music Video Looks To Give You All The Feels PHOTOS (2024)

Publish date: 2024-06-10

13 Of Jennifer Lopez's Most Early 2000s Music Video Looks To Give You All The Feels PHOTOS (1)

Jennifer Lopez was arguably the queen of early 2000s celebrity fashion. Who can forget the iconic green Versace gown she rocked at the 2000 Grammys that ushered in a whole new millennium of plunging necklines and bare midriffs? So it should come as no surprise that Jennifer Lopez's music videos are early '00s fashion goals, each one full of looks that will make you wish you were as real as J. Lo herself.

Sure, lots of trends from the early '00s are now widely mocked on the Internet (Von Dutch trucker hats are the first thing that pop into my mind). And though it's true that not all of the looks from Lopez's music videos have aged particularly well, that's what makes watching these videos so much fun. They're a time capsule: A concrete look back at the best fashion the early 2000s had to offer from a woman who knew how to rock a frosted lip better than almost anyone else in the game.

These looks might not necessarily be ones you want to go out and recreate today, but if you lived through the early 2000s, it's hard not to get a bit nostalgic for the miniskirts of days past while watching J. Lo in all her glory. So if you're looking for a particularly bellybutton-friendly stroll down memory lane, here are 13 of the most early '00s outfits from J. Lo's music videos.

1. Alligator Clips & Puffy Parka: "Feelin' So Good"

Before J. Lo was J. Lo, she was Jenny From The Block, and this look from the video for "Feelin' So Good," which came out in 2000, is straight Jenny. The hoop earrings, the straight hair with chunky highlights, and even the two silver alligator clips on her temples are accessories that would only fly in the early '00s.

2. Gold Nameplate Necklace: "I'm Real (Remix)"

With the rise of Sex And The City in the early '00s as both a TV powerhouse and guiding force in fashion came the rise of the nameplate necklace. Lopez rocked one of her own in the 2001 video for "I'm Real (Remix)" with Ja Rule, displaying her full name "Jennifer" instead of "Jenny" or "J. Lo."

3. Big Hair & Gaucho Pants: "Play"

Gauchos, those semi-cropped and inexplicably wide pants, were a staple of early '00s fashion, and were often paired with knee-high boots in an attempt at fashion. But simply rocking a gaucho pant with boots wasn't trendy enough for J. Lo. So in the video for "Play," she beefed up the '00s vibes by pairing the pants with a cropped bustier, showing off ample midriff, and a head full of big and curly hair.

4. All-White Trucker Hat: "Get Right"

Von Dutch trucker hats have come to symbolize all that was bad about celebrity fashion in the early 2000s, as one of those regrettable fashion trends that never should've happened. It should come as little surprise, then, that an über-trendy, all-white trucker hat made an appearance in the music video for Lopez's 2004 song "Get Right." Because what good is any music video costume from 2004 without a trucker hat?

5. Cropped Boho Top: "Ain't It Funny"

If you look back at pictures of celebrities from the early 2000s, it's pretty easy to convince yourself that they must've lost the bottom half of their shirts. But, no. Cropped shirts were definitely a trend, as were faux-boho tops and dresses, and this one look from "Ain't It Funny" seamlessly blends both, along with low-rise pants and a hip chain.

6. J. Lo Crop Top & Cornrows: "Love Don't Cost A Thing"

About two-thirds of the way through the video for Lopez's 2000 hit "Love Don't Cost A Thing," she suddenly breaks into dance with this group of muscular dudes. J. Lo is rocking low-cut cargo pants and a crop top with her name prominently plastered across her chest, showing off her bellybutton and her early '00s sensibility along with her sick dance moves.

7. Fuzzy Cap & Frosted Lips: "All I Have"

There was something about the early 2000s that really got celebrities excited about accessorizing with hats, like this white furry one. Lopez's makeup in this clip for "All I Have" with LL Cool J is also super on-trend, with the frosted lip and smoky eye. The white tank top with a black bow over the bust is also one of many notable going-out tops, another classic '00s trend, featured in J. Lo's videos.

8. White Going-Out Top & Gold Sunglasses: "Love Don't Cost A Thing"

Ah, the going-out top. It's a generally flimsy tank top, often with spaghetti straps, that is only ever really appropriate if you're going to hit the club. Seeing as it was a staple of early '00s celebrity fashion, J. Lo obviously rocked a white plunging one with a keyhole in her 2000 video for "Love Don't Cost A Thing." The gold chains, high half-ponytail, and reflective gold sunglasses are just the icing on this perfectly retro cake.

9. Gold Going-Out Top & Hip Chain: "Feelin' So Good"

This cropped gold going-out top makes an appearance in "Feelin' So Good," a video that also features her straightening her already straight and heavily highlighted locks. But what totally pushes this into iconic early 2000s fashion territory are the low-cut jeans and matching golden hip chain, which really tie the look, and midriff, together.

10. Scarf Going-Out Top & Matching Eyeshadow: "Ain't It Funny"

If you had any lingering doubts that Lopez was queen of the going-out top, look no further than this paisley, scarf-printed halter top, a look she finished off with piecey bangs and matching purple eyeshadow in this clip for her 2001 song "Ain't It Funny."

Wearing a flouncy going-out top doesn't mean that J. Lo still can't kick a man out of her house when she needs to, though.

11. Bucket Hat & Fur Coat: "Play"

Again with the hats! This time, a camel colored bucket hat, paired with a matching tank top, white booty shorts, and thigh-high white boots. Throw on the striped fur coat, and this look is classic J. Lo.

12. White Capris, Fishnet Tank Top, & Matching Hat: "Jenny From The Block"

She's not just Jenny From The Block. She's also coming to you straight from from 2002 because everything about this look from J. Lo's signature anthem screams '00s fashion. She's got the cargo capris, held up with a chunky belt, the oversized fishnet cap, the layered tank tops, and the Timberland high heels. Even her makeup, again with that signature frosted lip and smoky silver eye, is pure early '00s glam.

13. Pink Juicy Terrycloth Sweatsuit: "I'm Real (Remix)"

Nothing is more evocative of early 2000s celebrity fashion than the Juicy Couture tracksuit. And, in true J. Lo style, she's making the trend her own, rocking a version with shorts that show off her booty and let her dance on the basketball court like it's no one's business.

Don't hate on J. Lo, because what you get is what you see — even if all you can see is some pretty remarkable 2000s style staples.

Images: JenniferLopezVEVO/YouTube

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13 Of Jennifer Lopez's Most Early 2000s Music Video Looks To Give You All The Feels PHOTOS (2024)
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